Monday, November 02, 2009

A collection of articles about tomorrow's ballot initiatives

Tomorrow will be a busy day with ballot initiatives against marriage equality and lgbt non-discrimination rights in several states states.

I thought it would be best to link up to a collection of pieces done by those in the middle of these fights.

Keep praying that we come out on top:

Religious Right Very Much Alive in Tomorrow's Elections

It's time for people in Maine to see 86-year-old Philip Spooner again

Video: Twas the night before [another day where gay lives are put to offensive vote]  

Six Tests for Equality and Fairness

In Maine, turnout is the key to success

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The eyes of the nation is on tomorrow and the New York Times breaks it down

Six Tests for Equality and Fairness - The New York Times breaks it down for us about tomorrow.

Don, we now are gays in peril: And we're the one's getting decked in the halls - It never fails. In almost every ballot initiative, the religious right truncates an incident to create a phony martyr.

Guess Who Just Played the Gay Card? - Speaking of something that never fails.

Maine to vote on gay marriage - An important battle that must have a good ending. The Washington Post wages in on the battle.

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CNN reports on being black and gay in America

The above clip is from a recent CNN Report on "Blacks and Gay Equality."

While I'm not happy about the name - I don't like the subtle way it pushes the idea that gays and blacks are two separate entities - the clip is awesome.

One thing though - can anyone tell me what exactly is the "gay lifestyle."

I'm not trying to attack my heterosexual brothers and sisters but so many of them have things mixed up.

Homosexuality is not a "lifestyle." Putting on a skin tight dress or wearing your pants down past your ass, drinking and hitting on each other in a club, and then having wild sex that leads to illegitimate births is a lifestyle.

Having four children from three different women, now that is a lifestyle.

Like I said, I am not trying to downplay heterosexual African-Americans but this self-righteous duplicity, the hypocrisy that many invoke in an attempt to justify their ignorance about their lgbt brothers and sisters is stifling.

And when people continue to be stifled, they either die or rebel:

Big hat tip to Pam's House Blend.

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