Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween gets even more strange - Guess who is reading my book

I was checking the progress of my book via and discovered something both interesting and disturbing.

It seems that some of the same folks who bought my book could be purchasing books from such luminaries as

(wait for it)

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Robert Novak, Dinesh D'Souza, and Ronald Reagan.

Not exactly pro-gay and not exactly progressive.

So on one hand, it is good that folks who view themselves as the opposition are paying attention to my book. But on the other, the community I wrote the book for seems to not have taken to it.

So come on folks and support me! You can pretend I'm Lance Bass.

Seriously though, I guess it's time for phase three - book tours.

That means I will probably need to get a haircut, join a gym, and buy new clothes.

Nah, too much work. I'll just get a face lift.

One more thing - if you have seen my book and liked what you read (or didn't like what you read), feel free to tell others how you feel via a review on or other places.

Geez I sound like such a tool.

Oh well, it could be worse. I could be reduced to appearing on morning talk shows wearing an 8 p.m. cocktail dress.

Although that's not a bad idea. I do have nice legs.

Look out Matt Lauer!
What is a sodomite exactly?

Okay I know it's Halloween but Max Blumenthal took it too far.

I would rather sit through a showing of three Lucio Fulci movies (look it up) and five back-to-back showings of Soul Plane rather than do what he did.

Max Blumenthal attended and filmed the recent anti-gay industry Values Voters summit.

An online buddy clued me in to Mr. Blumenthal's journey through the real shadow of the valley of death.

Blumenthal's video captured the usual cast of deplorable characters (including a more animated than usual Janet Folger - who will figure greatly in a second volume of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters should I decide to write one), but the one who attracted my attention was Star Parker.

Ms. Parker is a member of the segment of the black community not really talked about. These folks (Jesse Lee Peterson is one, Walter Williams is another, Harry Jackson is a third) take advantage of religious right influence and money to build and become part of "think tanks."

In exchange for this money, prominence and influence, they allow themselves to be prostituted bia columns, appearances on television shows, and books where they occasionally bitch at Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, make comments about how white people caught in racially embarrassing situations aren't really racist, and generally give the incorrect connotation that black folks are stupid cause all we do is bitch at white people and if we didn't, our lives would be more fulfilling.

Ms. Parker is very interesting in her odiousness. This is seen through an appearance on ABC's The View where she rambled on so long that even Barbara Walters wanted to slug her.

Anyway, in Mr. Blumenthal's video, she has a very interesting name for gays.

I could comment but all my energy was drained as I kept from screaming:

"Just who is this heifa calling a sodomite!"