Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things I have learned from the Barack Obama/Donnie McClurkin controversy

How is this for a wild juxtaposition:

Rod McCullom (thank you Pam Spaulding) is noticing that the African-American media have been conveniently silent about the Obama/McClurkin controversy:

The black non-response is to be expected, given the hisoric black church's uneasy relationship with the many black gays who pack the church choirs on Sunday mornings. "I long for the day when blacks gays and lesbians stop supporting their music," Darian Aaron writes in his post on the McClurkin backlash. Aaron is a young black gay activist, blogger, and contributor to Clik, and also grew up in the Pentecosal Church. "And find the courage to walk out of the churches that turn a house of prayer into a house of pain." It's a good that chuches such as Kendal Brown's Church of the Open Door and Kevin E. Taylor's Unity Fellowship Church have welcomed black gay men and lesbians.

At the same time, a gay man posting on a blog site (which shall remain nameless) took it upon himself to call black people in general "un-intellectual" as well as "uneducated, unrestrained homophobes."

Dealing with homophobic black people and racist gay people is standard occupation when you have an identity in both communities.

But we should learn from the Obama/McClurkin mess. I know I have:

4. Senator Obama's people are either very stupid (or very shrewd).

3. "I was misquoted" is becoming a more popular excuse than "we were just following orders."

2. I love my black ministers but some of them have a habit of saying stupid shit (this point is further illustrated by the comment of Pastor Gregory Daniels featured in the template under my profile).

1. Donnie McClurkin is a stone cold liar.