Thursday, July 05, 2007

What a drag! I can't get internet access and One News Now distorts like there is no tomorrow

It's Thursday and I'm mad at Time Warner.

To make a long story short, I don't have my DSL connected and I don't know how it is looking for the future. Looks like it's back to dial-up. I am currently looking into wireless connections, so I am optimistic.

And there are always coffee shops.

While I go through my trials and tribulations, I thought I would leave everyone with a little deception courtesy of our friends at One News Now.

The news organization used to be known as Agape Press and back in the day, it frequently cited Paul Cameron as a "pro-family expert."

I think with Cameron's history of lying being made more public, those days are gone.

However this does not keep the "news service" that began through the efforts of another friend of ours (Donald Wildmon and the American Family Association) from practicing some questionable journalistic tactics.

I ran over this recent passage in an article from the site criticizing Maryland State School Board for approving Montgomery County's sex education curriculum:

According to the Washington Post, many parents in Montgomery County oppose the new curriculum, which opponents say presents a favorable viewpoint of homosexuality and restricts religious expression by suppressing the view that homosexuality is a sin. The attorney believes the new curriculum may also be subject to litigation.

This is a misdirection. The original statement from the Washington Post reads as follows:

A spokeswoman for the community group Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, which led a consortium of opposition groups, said it was too soon to say whether it might take the matter to federal court. "There are many parents here in Montgomery County who are opposed to the curriculum," Michelle Turner said. She also said a growing number of parents outside the county are expressing concern with the lessons, which could be adopted in other Maryland counties.

So the Washington Post did state technically say that parents oppose the new curriculum. But the newspaper was quoting a spokeswoman of the group opposing the curriculum.

What One News Now did may not seem like a lie but it is bad journalism.

But hey, who cares about Earthly journalistic standards (i.e integrity and correct quote attribution) when you are fighting for the kingdom of God?