Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reiteration of the purpose of my book

Someone from another site asked a very good question about my upcoming book, so I feel the need to reiterate the purpose of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

My book is not out to attack anyone or demonize anyone. I do not criticize Christians or any other people of faith for believing that homosexuality is a sin. It is their God-given right to have such a belief.

Nor is my book a plea for "tolerance." I will not adopt the anti-gay industry's language, especially language that portrays me or any other lgbt as an outsider wanting someone to "accept" us. I don't need anyone's "tolerance" or "acceptance."

My book addresses the tactics of so-called "pro-family" groups in their efforts to hinder the passage of pro-lgbt laws and to portray us as outsiders of the American experience.

My book will cover the following points:

Six Distortion Techniques of the Anti-Gay Industry

1. Using nonrepresentative or out of date studies to make generalizations, or
distorting legitimate studies to give misleading conclusions

2. Repetition

3. Conspiracy Theory

4. Dire Consequences

5. Phony Experts

6. Dehumanizing Semantics

Top Anti-Gay Industry Lies

1. Homosexuality is a lifestyle more harmful than cigarette smoking

2. Gay men have a short life span

3. The gay and lesbian community have a high rate of domestic violence

4. Unhealthy behaviors (i.e. substance abuse, promiscuous sexual behavior) is
indicative of the gay or lesbian orientation.

5. Gay men molest children at a high rate.

6. Gays and lesbians want to silence Christians

7. Gays and lesbians recruit people, particularly children, to their “life style.”

8. Gays and lesbians are following a six-point plan to take over America.

9. Any judge who rules in favor of the gay and lesbian community in a case is
an “activist judge.”

10. Anal sex is “homosexual behavior.”

11. Robert Spitzer’s study confi rms that gays and lesbians can change their

12. Gays and lesbians want to force acceptance.

13. Gay bowel syndrome is a legitimate medical term.

14. A man who molests a boy or a woman who molests a girl is automatically homosexual.

15. A convenience sample or out-of-date study can be used to generalize about
an entire community.
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